Gentle Chiropractic Care

Jaffrey Chiropractic provides chiropractic care for the whole family. Whether 1 day old or 100 years old, Dr. Hirsch helps patients achieve better health and functioning through a combination of gentle, low-force (no "cracking") chiropractic adjustments, so that they can experience the benefits of optimal spinal health, functioning, and wellness. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many times will I need to be adjusted?
A.This will vary based on many factors and is based on each individual’s case. We help you identify your health goals, and then make an action plan together to reach them. Healing rates vary from one person to another, and everyone responds differently to their treatment.

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Our Patients Say

"We are very pleased with Jaffrey Chiropractic's services and have started the entire family coming here. Chiropractic has helped us to stay on top of chronic conditions and prevent worse situations ... Non-invasive chiropractic care should be the first plan of action in taking care of your overall health."

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Schedule Online

We are now using Jane ( for our clinic software and scheduling app. If you haven't already, you will need to register with Jane before making an appointment.

We think you'll love this new system! If you have any issues booking, please call the office for assistance.
(603) 532-5629.

Office Hours

Mon: 9am - 12pm / 2pm - 5pm
Wed: 9am - 12pm / 2pm - 5pm
Fri: 9am - 12pm / 2pm - 5pm

COVID-19: If you are having symptoms of a cold, including fever or cough, please do not schedule an appointment at this time.

Changes in our schedule due to inclement weather, special hours, etc., will always be mentioned in our voicemail message.

Please Note: We do not accept debit/credit cards for payment at this time. Cash or check only.

Emergency Procedures

We understand that there may be times that patients experience emergencies that occur outside of office hours or during times we are unable to accommodate an immediate appointment.  

We recommend that if your situation is acute to the point that you are incapacitated, unable to perform your normal activities, or are in physical distress, that you first contact your medical provider, visit the local emergency department, or closest urgent care center. If you are unable to drive yourself or be driven to one of the above facilities, please call 911 for help.

Should you need an emergency/after-hours appointment, please call the office at 603.532.5629 and leave a message, explaining the situation. Please do not use social media or electronic means to communicate your situation. Leaving a voicemail is the most efficient means to contact the office. Reasonable measures will made to contact you, and appointments will generally be available by the next business day. If your situation is urgent or desperate please do not wait to get help.

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